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Hei! Som dere ser er sangen endelig ute på spotify, bare søk “nyg 2016” så skal den komme opp. Jeg har lagt den til i RT-lista mi på spotify, som dere finner her. Let me know hva dere synes om den :):)

I går var vi på vors med gutta fra Chaplins, og det var utrolig morsomt. Så dro vi sammen til byen på Erik og Kriss, før det ble sleepover hjemme hos meg. Johanna, Louise, Martine og Markus lå over her, så dro vi på fellesfrokost hjemme hos Mona (mammaen til Johanna), som hadde stelt i stand masse godt til oss. 




Herlig gjeng altså

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    1. Waou du lære meg bare nyhet takk skal du ha digge alle de sangene best nå jeg er full haha 😂 ha en fin natt videre 🌷 never say never.😉

    2. My cakes will be ready, when I finally learn well enough the language in which recipes must be written : D Currently there are more than 300 pages of its grammar waiting me. If one of your friends is strange enough to learn it, my comments to one of its draft is here:
      Translators of that language are not user (programmer) friendly enough. So it may be better to wait, till someone makes something like Louis Savain’s COSA project. Ok, I shall update my status on my FB page and I shall shut up now : x

    3. Hei boss lady håper alt bra med deg ☺ vi blogges sikkert i morgen hvis du er tid savner den fine ansiktet ditt Jesus

    4. Oh, yeah, energy! Just imagine they could build an aircraft with MSR (US Aircraft Reactor Experiment) in 1960s : D
      >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMID8SsyMV8&t=01m08s
      Though I like fusion more, than fission. Next like 20 billion years there will be more fuel for former, than latter : )
      Regarding fury-fairy rules. I, your CO, noticed, that they can have “bugs” (contradictions) and can be undefined in some cases. Like those three Asimov’s laws for AI, which I liked much (and still do to a lesser degree). In the “I, Robot” movie they exploited the first rule by presenting in the beginning a very real hypothesis about a robot choosing, who must survive in a car accident. Then they exploited further that contradiction in the rule by showing (funnily enough) how omnipotent AI starts to kill in advance some people in order to rescue others. I must admit, I never thought about Asimov’s laws like that. I even did not understood those jokes like the “Superstition” song by Stevie Wonder playing in the beginning…

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